11 – 12 June 2022
Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan


Canada House, further Organizer, is an exclusive Owner of the Event with an exclusive right to contain and conceal information about all visitors of Canadian Fair. Organizer encourages participants to support this rule.

Application deadline: 7 June 2022

Registration Fee: 1500 CAD

In honor of the 30th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Republic of Kazakhstan and Canada the first 10 applicants will get 30% off
1. Participant does not have to invite / involve employees of competing companies to the event, and use the equally promo material aimed at the violation of the exclusive rights of the Organizer.
2. Participant reserves the right to use the services of graduates or current students represent the institution
3. Information collected on the event can’t be passed to a third party without the agreement of the Organizer.
4. Organizer recognizes the right of the Participants themselves to use the information for their own needs.

1. Organizer reserves the right to make slight changes in the programme of the exhibition.
2. Invoices will be sent, by e-mail, within 5 working days since Organizer received completed registration form.
3. Payment should be made within 30 days since Organizer has sent the Invoice.

Payment Conditions:
1. Registration Fee is an obligatory payment.
2. Payment is made in accordance with the bank details and currency specified in the Invoice.
3. All bank charges must be covered by the Participant.
4. All fees of the event is considered as confidential information, the disclosure of which is possible only with the consent of the Organizer

In case of a complete cancellation by the Participant, the Organizer reserves the right to impose the following cancellation charges:
1. In respect for cancellation of participation received on or before 01 June 2022 a charge equivalent to 50% of the participation charge will be made;
2. In respect for cancellation received before 05 June 2022 a charge equivalent to 75% of the participation charge will be made;
3. In respect for cancellation received after 10 June 2022 there is no refound.

All special rate or any other discounts are not refundable.
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